Here you will find a collection of photographs of various theme parks across the United States, and also some of my personal photographs of other places, and a whole section dedicated to nature.  Click on the title or any of the pictures above to go straight to my photo gallery.

In addition, I hope to also give you some basic information to help you along your own photographic journey.  Inside you will find tips for specific theme park attractions or shows, and general photography tips.

For ten years I have been a diehard Canon user.  As of now, however, I have switched to using Nikon equipment.  But the tips are for any camera - while not all of them can utilize all of the tips unless it is a digital SLR, I believe you can use them to improve your own pictures.


I have been taking pictures at theme parks around the United States for over 12 years.  All photos on this site are copyrighted by me unless otherwise noted.